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Dental Clinic in Ajman

Are you facing a teeth-related problem and looking for a dental clinic in Ajman? Then you are in the right place Basma Baghdad dental clinic in the Ajman branch provides the best teeth-related treatments at an affordable price.

We know your oral health is important. So that’s why our expert team provides complete mouth oral checkups, and cleaning including teeth filling and extraction.

Our dental clinic Ajman also offers services like teeth whitening, teeth scaling, and teeth root planning in Ajman. If you have any inquiry related to teeth then book your appointment today.

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Why Oral health is important:

Oral health plays a very vital role in well-being. Regular dental clinic checkup help to prevent dental issues like cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Poor oral health has been linked to conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.

What services we are provide for teeth in Dental Clinic Ajman?

Basma Bagdad dental clinic in Ajman provides the following teeth-related service in Ajman.

  1. Hollywood Smile
  2. Teeth Whitening
  3. Teeth Scaling
  4. Root Planing

What is a Hollywood Smile?

It’s a teeth cosmetic treatment. Which, we provide the following treatment for your teeth such as dental veneer, teeth whitening, dental bonding, orthodontics, or other procedures tailored to enhance the appearance of the teeth and gums. In Hollywood Smile our main goal is to provide you a better smile rejuvenate your look by reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Teeth Whitening

In Teeth Whiting there are a two type of treatments

  1. Whitening with Zoom
  2. Whitening with laser

Whitening with zoom: Zoom lighting is a simple noninvasive whitening process that takes only 45 minutes to whiten your teeth.

Before starting the process we use retractor for safety of your pink area of your mouth.

in this method, our dentists first put hydrogen peroxide whitening gel on your teeth then use a special light called Zoom light.

Process with zoom light

The dentist will place a zoom light for 15 minutes on your teeth. After they will cover your teeth with a layer of whitening gel for another 16 minutes and they will repeat this process again

after your session will complete you can get your Zoom smile.

Laser Whitening Treatment  Our dentist in Ajman provides a laser tooth whitening service on Basma Baghdad Dental Clinic in Ajman it’s 30 minute process. if you want laser tooth whitening treatment in ajman then contact us.

Advantages of Laser Teeth Cleaning:

  • Better result Compare to Home treatment
  • Budget Friendly
  • Long-lasting effects
  • Fast results

Root Canal Specialist

Alignment Specialist

Cosmetic Dentistry

Oral Hygiene Experts

Live Dental Advisory

Cavity Inspection

Root Canal Treatment
Alignment Specialist
Cosmetic Dentistry

Root Canal treatment is also called endodontic treatment. Its specialist area of dentistry focuses on then treatment of teeth diseases to the dental pulp and Dental injury.Basmat Dental Clicnic in Ajman has an expert team with state of art technology that can treat it comfortably.

In cosmetic dentistry, we provide a treatment for following teeth problems Teeth Discolored mean yellow or black teeth, Tooth size and shape Different, and Missing Teeth



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